Alfajiri Energy is set up for and will pursue future energy resources opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Africa at large.

What we do.

We commit our skills, talents, and experience to find capital resources for generation and distribution of clean energy not just to make a living but to turn millions of lives around!

Alfajiri is a Swahili word meaning dawn, which symbolises the hope that brings a new day, a new era for Africa and in particular DRC.

Alfajiri Energy is a Canadian-based energy company committed to turning lives around in Africa and in particular DRC by providing much needed clean energy.

Our team

Christian Hamuli

President & CEO

Walter J. Strutt

Vice President

Theresa L. Watson


Junior Emungu

DRC Contact

Morrow Bindu


Lokoko Kitenza


Ayon Das


Mehdi Sadeghi


Tony Cioni

Legal Counsel Canada