NEWS RELEASE: November 05, 2023

Alfajiri Energy Confirms Production Sharing Contract Signed for Lake Kivu Methane Extraction in the Lwandjofu Bloc

Renewable natural gas will generate electricity, alleviating poverty in eastern DRC.

CALGARY, CANADA – Alfajiri Energy, a Canadian energy company with Congolese-Canadian leadership, signed a production sharing contract (PSC) with the Government of the Democratic  Republic of Congo on September 9, 2023. The PSC confers rights to extract biogenic methane (renewable natural gas) from the bottom of Lake Kivu in the Lwandjofu bloc, in the DRC.  

The company has become aware of certain incorrect, misleading and potentially defamatory  comments in the media about its leadership, its project plans, and the DRC government. 

The process leading to the contract award for the Lwandjofu Block in Lake Kivu was rigorous, transparent and credible. The team behind Alfajiri Energy is experienced and serious, and the project plan is well advanced. Recent statements suggesting otherwise are untrue. There is no improper relationship between Alfajiri Energy and anyone in the DRC Ministry of Hydrocarbons.  
Alfajiri Energy strictly abides by anti-corruption legislation in both the DRC and Canada.

Alfajiri Energy’s goal with this project is to safely extract the gas, efficiently transform it into electricity and bring reliable electricity supplies to the people of the Kivu region. The company will deploy proven Canadian energy industry technology to degasify the water of Lake Kivu, using the gas in a high efficiency facility to generate power for local consumption. Reliable power supply will in turn create employment opportunities, reduce deforestation, improve health and education facilities, and reduce the lake’s natural emissions of methane (a potent greenhouse gas) to the atmosphere. 

The social and environmental potential of this project is extraordinary. The lack of reliable energy is the principal cause of the extreme poverty facing many Africans and Congolese in particular, despite living in a country with rich mineral resources.  

The Alfajiri Energy project has an approved workplan and an initial facilities design. The team is and will be working with experts at universities in the DRC and in Canada to, among other things, develop detailed depletion strategy and social and environmental impact assessment studies.

“This project is very personal to me,” said Alfajiri Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Christian Hamuli. “I was born and raised near Lake Kivu in Bukavu and my extended family members live along the shores of the lake.
I completed my engineering degrees in Canada, where I have worked in the energy sector for nearly 20 years. Our vision at Alfajiri is to help in the fight against energy poverty in the DRC. We will do so one project at a time, starting with the Lwandjofu project.”

Canada has a long and successful history of start-up companies with seasoned teams that can access the technology and financing required to build highly beneficial projects in developing countries.